Lacey Hellwig
Lacey Brooke Hellwig

Ring Names:

Lacey Hellraiser




130 lbs


July 6, 1987 (Age 24) Crawfordsville, Indiana


Orlando, Florida

Billed From:

Crawfordsville, Indiana

Trained By:

Ultimate Warrior

Katie Borden



June 12, 2011

Early Life

When Lacey was little she always traveled to Wrestling Shows with her brother. While doing that she was also homeschooled and trained to be a wrestler herself.

Wrestling Career

In early June Lacey signed a contract with TNA and debuted at Slammiversary costing Mr. Anderson the World Title. Also that night she aligned herself up with then TNA World Champion Katie Borden A Few Days later on June 16 Lacey had her debut match against Mr. Anderson which she won. After then she would also align herself with Sting for a couple of weeks until Katie stopped aligning herself with him full time.

On September 1 it was announced that Lacey became the assistant to The VP of the Knockouts Division Traci Brooks. It was also announced that she would also become her bodyguard. In addition to that she still helps out Katie when she can.

On October 13th She aligned herself with Ink Inc. To help them against Mexican America at Bound For Glory but they did not win the titles. On the Same night she was the special guest referee for the Knockouts Title match which Velvet Sky won.

On October 27th Lacey was promoted to Co VP of the Knockout Division along with Traci's sister Shiloh Brookshaw.

Personal Life

Lacey is the youngest sister of the Ultmate Warrior. When growing up she never had alot of friends because she always felt uncomfortable around too many people but she's gotten over that when she was 20.

Siblings: Ultmate Warrior (Brother)

Finishing Moves


  • Gorilla Press Drop and Running Splash
  • Twist of Fate

Tag Team

  • Hellraisers Rage (DDT (Lacey) Styles Rage (Katie) Combination)

Tag Teams/Stables

  • Hellraiser Angels
  • Katie, Ally and Lacey

Entrance Music'

Twitter Account

Lacey's Twitter Account is @LaceyHellraiser and she mostly uses it to tease her brother or talk to her fans and Friends.